Department of Emergency Services Tracks Recovery from Tuesday’s Storm
By Member Ashleigh Bothwell
July 15, 2022

As many already know, the storm that passed through the County on Tuesday evening caused extensive damage to many areas of the County. Nearly a dozen homes were damaged by falling trees and multiple roads were blocked by trees entangled in overhead transmission lines. Immediately after the storm, nearly 10,000 Delmarva Power customers were without power. Many roads around the county were blocked by tress and debris. Turkey Point Road was closed at Sandy Hill Road stranding 26 visitors who were sheltered by North Bay Adventure Park.
The Department of Emergency Services partially activated the Emergency Operations Center to coordinate the efforts of the Department of Public Works, the Maryland State Highway Administration, and Delmarva Power to get the roads cleared and return power to homes and businesses. The Maryland Department of Social Services and the American Red Cross were also present and helped to shelter any displaced residents.
As of this release, only 2 roads remained blocked, and less than 217 Delmarva customers are without power.
The Department of Emergency Services is engaging with nonprofit partners to determine if there is any additional assistance, we can offer residents affected by Tuesday’s storm. If you require assistance to clear damage to your homes and yards, call our Crisis Cleanup hotline number at 410-449-5415. By calling, you will be registered into a database where nonprofit organizations offering assistance can be linked to you based on your needs. Crisis Cleanup does not guarantee you will receive help but, can link you to it if help becomes available. Please share this number with friends and neighbors, we want to reach as many people as we can who have been affected.
After working with the Red Cross to complete a countywide damage assessment, it appears that most damage to homes and cars is covered by insurance. Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) has been advised of the countywide damage. If you have questions or concerns about your insurance coverage that are not answered by your insurance company, you can contact MIA at 1-800-492-6116. Additional guidance from MIA can be found at the following links: