Cecil County First Responder Recognition Awards Nominations
By Member Ashleigh Bothwell
May 10, 2022

Please take the time to recognize Cecil County first responders who have gone above and beyond the call of duty! This ceremony will honor those from 2019-2021, due to the pandemic delaying the normal cycle of honors these last 2 years. Please remember this also includes our partners in Dispatch, Law Enforcement, Local Fire Companies & other partner agencies as well!

Submissions are due July 15th!

Examples of calls honored in the past are the grain auger rescue in Cecilton, the Injured Hunter hoisted from the woods in Warwick, any Cardiac Arrest saves throughout the year that were released from the hospital with a positive outcome, or any other calls that your team or shift believes exemplified extraordinary care.

Please include date, time, incident number and names of those involved (if available), including any volunteer or allied agency personnel as well as a narrative of the incident and why you believe an award should be given! Also please be sure to include your information so we can reach back out if more details are needed as we move forward with narratives for presentations.

We look forward to highlighting the exemplary work performed on behalf of the Citizens of Cecil County!!

Hyperlinks: Cecil County First Responders Recognition Form