How To Help Victims of Hurricane Ida
August 30, 2021

If you are interested in helping our friends in south, following the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, here is some information on how to best help those in need.

Cash is best. While you may think that those that lost everything, need stuff and you want to donate clothes, water and other stuff? Please don't. That creates a logistical nightmare and additional expenses to that community that they just don't have. Donate cash. Cash is what they need. Cash can be spent on what is needed at the time.

Before you donate, be sure you know who you are giving your hard earned money to- such as trusted organizations. If you're unsure about a site or business, check with the Better Business Bureau.

The American Red Cross, Catholic Charities, the United Way, and Salvation Army are just a few places that are assisting disaster victims. For those looking to help pets, the Louisiana SPCA and Mississippi ASPCA are accepting donations.

Thank you for for lending a helping hand.