Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak
March 3, 2021

This is a rapidly evolving situation and we will provide updates as they become available.

As of now, Cecil County has 5,099 and cases of COVID -19 and 122 fatalities. Currently, there are 383,170 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Maryland and 7,723 fatalities.

We are working very closely with the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, the Cecil County Health Department, Cecil County Government and a plethora of other departments and agencies to gather as much information as possible so that we are prepared should this affect our community.

What can you do to stay safe?
1. Wash your hands and cover your coughs!
2. Avoid contact with sick people.
3. Sanitize frequently touched places.
4. Stay home if you feel sick.
5. Cover your sneezes and coughs.
6. Keep your hands away from your face.

For more information, please visit the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), and the Cecil County Health Department.

For information on vaccines, please visit the link below for the Cecil County Health Department's Vaccination page. We are working very hard to get vaccinations in so we appreciate your patience.

Please also visit the Cecil County Government's website for a list of closures and updated due to COVID-19 at

Hyperlinks: CDC
Cecil County Health Department Vaccinations